Saturday, November 30, 2019

Week of December 2nd

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I'd like to thank all of you again for making the Feast such a success! We had a wonderful spread of food, and the children all looked darling! Thanks to the MANY parents who helped with that event.

Now...onto a very busy but exciting time in kindergarten as we prepare for our Nutcracker performance on the 19th, as well as continue with all the academics & exciting literature!

Language Arts
We will continue working with word families this week, using the ending an. Children will read and write words such as: can, ran, fan, and man. Our sight words this week are big and in. In our literature this week, we will be comparing various versions of The Gingerbread Man and doing crafts and activities around the gingerbread theme.

Parent helpers, we will continue centers for the next two weeks, then we take a break from centers again the week of December 16th. I will sent out the link for January in the upcoming week-- please check the current Sign-Up Genius as we still have some slots available.

Writer's Workshop
As I shared with you at conferences, we have been working on personal narratives in Writer's Workshop. We will be wrapping these stories up in the upcoming week, and then the children will have an opportunity to share their stories with the class. Each child will get to sit on the teacher's chair and read their story to the class on Friday the 6th. While some upper grade classes have invited parents in for these celebrations, we feel that is too intimidating for our budding kindergarten writers, so this will just be a reading with classmates only. I am so excited with the progress children have made so far in their writing!

We will continue with Module 4: Number Pairs, Addition & Subtraction to 10. This is an extremely important part of our kindergarten math program, and we dedicate a large amount of time to this module. In fact, we will be on this module until the end of January. Parent tips for this module can be found here. I do recommend that you look these over, because there will be some new vocabulary for those of you who do not have older students who have done the Eureka math program. Of particular importance are the words "compose" (finding numbers that add up to a given number-- like 3 & 2 compose 5) "decompose" (take apart a number-- like 5 can be 4 & 1) and number bonds (a model to show mathematical thinking).

STEAM centers are back this Friday, and we are looking forward to Hour of Code the week of 12/9. In preparation, we will be using a coding program both in the Makerspace and in our classroom this week called CodeSpark.

You will be receiving a note regarding your child's Nutcracker part, and what s/he should wear for the performance in this week's Wednesday envelope. Please let me know if there are any problems with gathering up the various clothes needed-- most girls will be wearing leotards, and most boys will be wearing dark pants and either a light or dark shirt. Hopefully, if there is a clothing item you do not have, you can borrow it, as I do not intend for you to have to buy anything. Again, the performance of the Nutcracker will be at 10:00 on the 19th. Please plan on joining us for this memorable event!

On another Nutcracker note, I am in need of a few people who can help with make-up and costuming on the day of the show. You will come into the classroom at about 8:45 and call children back one-by-one to get them ready for the stage. Please email me if you can help with this!

This Week's Helpers & Activities:
Monday: Daily 5
Tuesday: Daily 5, Centers (Li & Lisa)
Wednesday: Rhythm & Moves P.E., CodeSpark in the Makerspace, Music, Blue Bags go home w/ Nutcracker parts
Thursday: Daily 5, Centers (Tu & ?)
Friday: Daily 5, STEAM Centers (Lisa & Zainab)

Upcoming Events:
12/9-12/15: Hour of Code/Computer Science Week
Thursday 12/19: Nutcracker Performance at 10:00
12/21-1/05: Winter Break
Friday 1/17: No School: Professional Development Day
Monday 1/20: No School: MLK Day
Tuesday 1/28: 100 Day
2/17-2/21: President's Week Vacation